A Modern Breakfast in Bed Solution

Practically anyone would love to have breakfast in bed although there may be limitations depending on the type of breakfast tray that will be used. But thanks to clever design by Stefan Otzelberger called the hotspot/breakfast, you practically get a pretty pampered way of living the good life if you are still too lazy to get up.

The whole set consists of a kettle, a toaster, and even an Espresso machine, all capped with a hands-free concept based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) integrated in the plastic so that parts of the body itself become a heating element and therefore function very energy-efficiently.

Power is solicited through the base, making use of the same methodology to which electric kettles thrive on. The setup is a fully functional breakfast tray with components like a toaster, a kettle and an espresso pot; all designed with a classic touch.


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