Down Pillow Of the Year – Pacific Coast Affirm Pillow Review!

For the last 4 years or so, I have been on a search for a down pillow that is comfortable yet supports my neck.  I am a side-sleeper and tend to twitch a lot when sleeping, I need a good rest and that means having a good pillow.

Well, I took up on the offer from a pillow company called Pacific Coast, who sent me these Pacific Coast Affirm pillows.

After trying them out for 3 weeks now (and counting), I am glad to say these Pacific Coast Affirm pillows are the best down pillows I have ever tried.

Trust me, I tried everything from memory foam contour pillows, down pillows, and even hybrid memory foam/down pillows (these are good too) but as far as “pure down” pillows go, these Pacific Coast Affirm pillows are simply the best.

Starting from its quality manufacturing as you can tell by the seams in above photos, to comfiness when laying down on them, these Pacific Coast Affirm pillows are worth every penny.

As you can tell from the photos below, these pillows are “huge” when in rest position and comfortably supports your neck without needing 2 or 3 extra pillows.  In fact, these pillows feel like memory-foam pillows because they are so dense yet comfortable.

If you are looking for a firmer down pillow yet still comfortable, these are highly recommended.

I actually have been using another down pillow, I won’t mention which brand because that will make the company who sent it to me for free mad, but that one is now about 1/4 size of this new Pacific Coast pillow and virtually is not a pillow anymore.

For all those “personal” reasons and experiences trying pillows for years, I give it our “Down Pillow of the Year Award”.

Get them here at for $79.99 to $99.99 (prices vary by size)

Here, I took a short video too if you want to watch:

P.S. You are a pillow company and you think you can do better than these?   We are welcome to the challenge, send them our way, e-mail us zedomax [at]   We can’t promise you a good review but we can if your product lives up to it.

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