Grab the Hug Rug for your Home

What is a home without the usual welcoming mat or perhaps the enhanced flooring that some people look up to when it comes to perking up the ambiance level of homes? While rugs may not be that expensive and come in different designs and makes, eco-friendly rugs are something that can be of consideration as well.

The Hug Rug is a barrier mat made from recycled materials like tires and plastic bottle tops. So if you are among the millions trying to turn your house to the green standards, a mat can welcome you towards the way.

Phoenox Textiles Ltd, a family business at Spring Grove Mill, Clayton West, has already won an award for Hug Rug, a barrier mat which is made entirely from recycled materials, including tyres and plastic bottle tops and is 100% recyclable.

The product – which will be launched to consumers in February next year – earned Phoenox Textiles a trophy in the Glee Awards 2008 at Birmingham’s NEC.

(Source) The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

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