Hillsdale Colonade Bed

Wrought iron headboards offer versatility unmatched by other materials. Available in highly styled, delicate designs, or those with straight sharp geometrics most closely associated with contemporary tastes, Metal Iron Beds are beautiful additions to any bedroom, and are made to match every taste. When you want strength and stability in a delicate frame, wrought iron is the way to go.

An excellent example of this is the Colonade Bed, by Hillsdale furniture. The wrought iron is used to create organic curves that couple delicate finials. The top lines of headboard and baseboard contrast – rounded versus straight – to add further eye-appeal. One can easily match this piece with light hued bedding, accent pillows, and a skirt for a strong contrast and traditional feel or toss in some darker colors and rougher textures to make the frame work with a rustic country room. This metal headboard and baseboard come at a very reasonable price and offer flexibility as great as your imagination. Change up the bedding, and you have completely remade the gentle, elegant curves of the ever-beautiful Hillsdale piece.

There is no doubt after looking at this piece that Hillsdale Furniture knows beds. They also know bars, stools, tables, chairs, and other bedroom furniture. From highly ornate to simple and sweet, their furniture speaks volumes and enhances any room it adorns. The wrought iron beds are no exception. Whether you desire the Colonade bed, a canopy, an Asian-inspired platform, or require some additional hidden storage, Hillsdale has the perfect bed for you.

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