Hillsdale Imperial Bed

Your room design and bedroom furniture should make you give a sigh of appreciation each time you enter the space for the beauty and the comfort it offers. The most integral element to creating that feeling is the Modern Metal Bed that you choose. They come in many styles, many colors, and many price ranges, but choosing the right one can make for nights filled with fascination, comfort and peace.

The Imperial Bed by Hillsdale Furniture is an excellent option as both a beautiful and an affordable bed. With a headboard and matching footboard of slightly less height crafted of delicate but sturdy metal, this bed offers a precious but versatile appeal for all. The finish of the metal is black, but is meant to have some shimmer and shine, and the design is simple enough to transition to any décor, but with enough curve to draw attention. For instance, the small ball near the top of each arch creates interest for the eye. All together, the bed has a sort of timeless appeal that you will not have to fear going out of style with the next trend. The makers were not aiming it at one particular customer either, as it is made to fit twin, full, queen, or king-sized mattresses.

Hillsdale Furniture is known for their enduring styles, which can happily be passed from one generation to the next. While versatile and far from one dimensional, their collection reflects highly on traditional fashions with ornate carvings, highly wrought iron metal, and beautiful upholsteries. There is likely a contemporary bar stool, child’s bed, or dining set in the collection, but much of what this company does well is timeless elegance.

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