Nexera Platform Bedroom Set with Dresser

As you survey your home after the holiday season, it suddenly occurs to you how much clutter has built up over the years. The average person has far too much clutter in their house – so much clutter, in fact, that shows like Clean House are seen more and more on television. How do you get rid of all of that clutter? The best way is to start new. Take all of your clutter and get rid of it. Throw it out, give it away, or sell it, and start fresh. Bringing in all new furniture, like Wooden Platform Beds, is a great way to minimize your belongings while maximizing the appeal of a room.

The Nocce Platform Bedroom Set with Dresser is a great set for someone who wants to start fresh in their bedroom. This set comes not only with a platform bed but also with a nightstand, which would perfectly hold your alarm clock and a lamp, and a double dresser, all finished in the truffle finish. It has a very simplistic, and somewhat European look and feel, with golden highlights and metal handles on the furniture. And now that platform beds are becoming very popular, you can easily find a mattress to fit your new platform bed.

This bedroom set, created by Nexera Furniture, is one that will look perfect in a bedroom that has almost any color scheme, thanks to the beautiful wood that seems to have multiple colors emanating from it.