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How to Decorate a Little Boy’s Room

Families are ecstatic when they learn that they are going to have a little boy, just as when they are having a little girl. the family line. When you’re little guy goes from baby furniture to a “big boy bed” there are many ways to go with boys bedroom furniture.

Stick with Blue?

Do NOT feel as though you have to stick with blue. Get creative! Try painting two walls blue and two walls red, or painting the walls in a green or desert camouflage! There are tons of different options besides plain straight blue.


When it comes to beds, simple is the way to go with little boys. The Fashion Bed Group Beds has dozens of different beds that would look perfect in any little boy’s room. Most little boys love sleeping on bunk beds, and a special treat along that line is the Firehouse Tent Bed. If you have two boys, it is the best way to put more than one bed in a room without sacrificing space.

Boy’s rooms can be just as fun to decorate as little girls rooms. Have some fun with it! Let them help you choose what colors they like and what sheets they like. Soon you’ll wind up with a true little boy’s room that all of his friends will envy!

Ben Weissman writes about decorating with metal beds and platform beds.