DIY: Book Headboard


Are you a total bookwork who hates being separated from their passion? Then you would love the Book Headboard, which you can make it at home by reading the complete post here.

Things You Would Ned:
*  a large assortment of book covers, carefully cut from the pages using an exacto knife or something similar. (These can be found at used book stores or thrift shops.)
* Elmer’s Glue-All or something similar – needs to be able to stick to wood and paper and dry strong and clear.
* polyurethane spray for finishing.
* pens or pencils for marking
* something heavy to weigh the books down while they dry
* 3M picture hanging strips for, well, hanging of course!
* a large sheet of smooth plywood that’s a 1/4 inch thick and as wide as your bed. Mine was 50 inches wide and around 30 tall.

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