Mountain Lodge Rounded Bedroom Set

When you want to overhaul the look and feel of your room, choosing the right bedroom set is essential. Do you want a homey, warm look or a sleek, modern look? Do you want drama and luxury or slim silhouettes and clean lines? A bedroom set can quickly and effectively create the look you want, and you spend less than if you buy your pieces separately. You also have the benefit of perfectly coordinated bedroom furniture, ensuring a seamless look. A great bedroom set can turn your ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary retreat.

The Mountain Lodge Rounded Bedroom Set features a beautiful, showpiece bed in queen size. The Mountain Lodge bed features straight lines in the footboard and side rails, contrasting dramatically and beautifully with the sweeping arch of the wooden headboard. Headboards can do a lot to add to the beauty and décor of any room, and the Mountain Lodge provides a traditional, solid feel that instantly makes any bedroom as pleasant as a mountain resort. The Mountain Lodge set includes a matching nightstand with a convenient drawer and shelf. Both the bed and nightstand have curved molding and are finished in sleek ebony, making them perfect for use with a variety of color palettes and themes. Made of particle board with a laminate finish, the Mountain Lodge set will last for years and continue to look great.

The Mountain Lodge is one of South Shore Furniture’s versatile and affordable bedroom sets. Buying South Shore’s wonderful adults’ or children’s bedroom furniture means that you can have beauty, convenience, and durability at prices you can afford.