Oak Lane Sleigh Bed

Discount wood beds impart a special warmth to bedrooms that is hard to duplicate with other mediums.  These gorgeous beds are wonderful additions to decors that strive to be soothing, classic, elegant, and timeless.  When you choose high quality beds, you can be assured that wood will last through years of great use and provide you with an air of stability and solidity.  At the same time, the best beds feature designs that are not weighed down by their very rugged construction – a perfect balance of strength and softness.

This balance is beautifully evident in the Oak Lane Sleigh Bed from Vaughan-Bassett.  A stunning piece, the Oak Lane makes an ideal focal point for traditional, classic bedrooms.  It features a gorgeous wooden headboard and footboard with a sleigh style that provides a sense of whimsy that contrasts wonderfully with the solid construction.  Head and footboards have two raised panels to compliment the lines of the frame.  The wood is finished in your choice of Light Harvest Oak or Dark English Oak, both of which are dynamic, strong, and versatile.  Durable, charming brass hardware is the perfect finishing touch.  The Oak Lane is a stunning classic piece that you can easily update to suit your moods; versatility and timeless grace are two of this bed’s best features.

The Oak Lane is manufactured by the largest manufacturer of wooden master bedroom furniture in the country, and certainly one of the most innovative and exciting as well.  Vaughan-Bassett creates designs that are stunning and brings their ideas to life in pine, oak, maple, ash, cherry, poplar, beech, and birch woods.  You can instantly see the difference that top quality materials makes – and you’ll be feeling the difference for years to come.