Oriental Platform Beds – Mysticism in the Bedroom

For the longest time, we in North America have debated over bedskirts, sought out two mattresses to suit our comfort, and wondered about how to best hide storage under our beds (when we needed it). It has taken some time, but the concept of modern platform beds has recently taken root and gaining in popularity. We have been beaten to the punch; for years people in Europe and longer still, people in Asia have used platform beds or some version thereof. They already understood comfort and function – it is time we took a lesson.

The unique style of platform beds already provides a different sort of look in any bedroom when compared with a typical bed frame carrying two mattresses. You will find yourself much lower to the ground, without a second mattress, and potentially much more comfortable. Indeed, contemporary platform beds have perfected this age-old practice and transformed it into something everyone can feel good in. Not only can you get platform-style storage beds if you want them, but you can redecorate and entire room based upon your sleek platform bed.

Indeed, several home makeover shows have oriented a room completely around a wood platform bed. Dark wood can deepen the tone in any bedroom. You can introduce a sense of the mystic with the right addition of bedding and décor. Items made by manufacturers such as Lifestyle Solutions are certain to make anyone want to redo their bedroom. Take a tip from the Far East. Clean up, reorganize, simplify.