Storage Beds – Great Place to Hide Kids Toys

The first priority of most parents today when it comes to decorating a room for the kids is space and storage. The current economic climate has caused many people to move into smaller living spaces than they had before, so space is at an even higher premium than it was previously. If you are looking for the ultimate in space saving, you may want to consider getting a children’s storage bed.

Why A Storage Bed?
Today, kids beds can serve more than one function. Many of today’s top storage beds double as platform beds and manage to save even more space. Many of today’s most popular storage beds have anywhere between four and eight drawers built right into the base of the bed. These drawers can be filled with just about anything, from seasonal clothes, blankets, books, toys or anything else that needs a special place to hide. If you have recently moved from a larger home to a smaller one, a storage bed for your son or daughter may be just what the doctor ordered.

Finding The Right Model
Kids storage beds usually only come in twin or full sizes, but there are a handful out there that are available in larger sizes. Best of all, there are a wide range of storage beds out there in every color, style and shape to match any pre existing décor. The addition of a kid’s storage bed doesn’t mean you have to replace the dresser or the night stand, and in most cases, kid’s bedroom sets can include a storage bed for little to no mark up in price.