New Space, New Items and New Decors

Most people are busy putting away the Christmas ornaments and doing some home cleaning. Others would even be moving furniture here and there, much of which were displaced to make way for the usual Christmas decorations from the past holidays. Once you are finished putting away the decors, you may notice that some other things like an old chair or a magazine rack would be better off stocked. In short, the new year can signal a whole new design trend as far as new home decorations are concerned.

Evaluate your place and look for that sweet spot in you that typifies a comfortable living environment. Along the year, you are bound to put in new stuff like ornaments or maybe antiques. People buy them while others may get them as gifts. In short, weigh out your space and see what approach pulls you away from being cramped. It is the best way to enjoy your home and you can just place some back if you feel that you still want to see them around the place.

January is the perfect time to rethink your living space. After you’ve put away all the holiday decorations, says interior designer Janine Carendi, “you can look at the same space with a new perspective, which is what the new year is all about.”

(Source) The Canadian Press

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