Adorable Fluffy Lamps from the Anemone Collection

Anemone Collection

These fluffy lamps seem like an odd way to perk up your room, especially with the carpet-like materials used in creating them. However these fluffy lamps, which are actually part of the Anemone collection, promise to deliver an aquatic-like twist to your living space, rendering a soft glow that should really set up the mood of any home in a snap.

The fluffy lamps were created by Olivia d’Aboville for HIVE, something made up of hundreds of hand-molded polystyrene tentacles. They are all woven together using a heating process topped with LED lights to offer a tantalizing coral reef effect.

The lamps can be mounted on walls or be used as floor lamps which would all depend on the people who would get their hands on them.


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