Balance Renovation of Old Homes

There are homes these days that were built way back in the 1970’s. A lot of them are bound to be due for maintenance and repairs. A common suggestion you would get from interior designers and architects would be to get a facelift. But aside from budget issues, why bother if you want to preserve the home in the way that it was before?

You can compromise. You can employ some renovations on some parts like perhaps kitchen counters or tables. But as far as structural design, why go through the trouble of having to reconstruct an area if you can make use of them. The key then is how to balance and make both ends meet.

The Firestones made some adjustments in the modification of their home. You can pick up an idea or two for compromised and cost-cutting measures to renovate your home without going out of bounds.

Instead of attempting to reproduce history, they chose a contemporary Bulthaup system that they believe the home’s original architect, Elroy Webber, would have loved: It brings together the best of contemporary design, but doesn’t skimp on sophisticated technological elements.


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