Hang Up Wall Organizers

Hang Up Wall Organizers

Wall racks or coat hangers would normally be made for one purpose only – holding our coats. But at times, some homes may not necessarily have too much coats or jackets to hang, especially if it is not raining or cold thus leaving them entirely useless and taking up space with no use at all.

But the Hang Up Wall Organizer promises to be different. Aside from just coats and jackets, you can also hang probably some keys or maybe umbrellas and even some books. This is all thanks to the design of the said rack.

The rack itself is made from powder-coated steel and features four parallel bends. This allows it to make one flat side to be fastened against the wall while a face facing outwards becomes a short self for your books or other reading references.

At the base of Jeremiah Albrecht’s Hang Up Wall Organizer is a series of V-shaped pegs that can hold things like jackets and scarves.


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