Infinity Storage Units for a Cleaner and Organized home

Infinity Storage Units for a Cleaner and Organized home

After the Sinapsi Bookshelves, Horm now offers more storage solutions for you for a clutter-free home. The Infinity Storage Units by Horm adds more options for folks who want to put everything in order, modular storage units that come in lacquered finishes.

These creative and functional storage units derived their name from the bold lines at the front section which move across the doors for a more infinite looking pattern.

The patterns are created by three components of decorative lacquered laminate attached to the doors by hidden magnets whose arrangement determines the specific line pattern.

The unit is made up of 9 wooden doors. Each of the three doors have 3 magnetic panels clad in white, and should help provide you with a lush place to store your scattered stuff, not to mention brighten up the mood of your home interior area wherever you may decide to place it.


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