Lush Giano Cabinets

Lush Giano Cabinets

Antonio Lupi joins the cabinet making binge, offering these lush and reflective Giano Cabinets which should certainly be something to have in any home. Coming from Al Studio, these cabinets are bound to offer the needed functionality and storage as needed by most home folks nowadays.

Created in what would seem like a neat camouflage of sorts for the folks who want to hide their precious stuff or storage which would easily blend in fluidly with any area, the Giano Cabinets are wall mountable and offer five internal shelves as well as one divider which you can access at the sides.

The cabinets are available in either left or right opening versions, while the cabinet mirror is mirrored on both sides that make them pretty modern pieces to have.

Use them independently or in pairs, the reflective covering makes them ideal for enhancing mood lighting as well.


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