Meet Bob, your desk lamp buddy

Bob, your desk lamp buddy

How many folks do their work at home? Better yet, how many would be performing such even during the late nights?

Well, for some who are loaded with tons of paper work, a lamp should save you the trouble as far as visualization is concerned. Not only that, it should be more economical considering you don’t have to rely on the usual room lighting for the necessary illumination.

Bob would be the perfect partner for this. Designed by Roman Shpelyk, the desk lamp is a reliable partner you can turn to at times of need.

The lamp is made of wood with bits of metal and plexiglass materials, fairly close to what a magnifying glass should look like.

With the proper design and flexibility, this is one lamp which should really be something worth having, especially for folks who would need one by their side to get their tasks done better.


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