Sphelar Solar Lantern Lamp

Sphelar Solar Lantern Lamp

Folks on the prowl for some ecofriendly stuff they can integrate in their homes may be interested in the Sphelar Solar Lantern Lamp. This lamp is shaped like an hour glass and makes use of solar energy to power it up when needed.

As most solar-powered devices, the lamp collects solar rays during the day (meaning it would be nifty to expose it to sunlight like perhaps near the window) and store the collected energy which many may find handy during the night.

The lamps is partly made of birch wood and makes use of LED technology for the lighting proper. The solar power comes courtesy of spherical solar cells, which are superior to regular flat solar cells because they diffuse the sunlight from every direction and can even be used in windows and as other flexible forms.

The Sphelar Solar Lantern Lamp is available from the Japan Trend Shop for $538.


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