The Smool Pillow Collection

The Smool Pillow Collection

Here is another solution to keep your stuff organized. The Smool Pillow Collection functions in the same way that a traditional rack or shelf would, providing another keen solution to keep the home or office pretty much neat and prim as many would rather have them at all times.

The Smool Pillow Collection was designed by Robert Bronwasser and is made up of upholstered panels (high quality wool). The added upholstery offers a spongy foam padding underneath and is available in an array of colors.

They come in various sizes and shapes of rectangles and offer various accessories which include that of clothes hooks, coat hanger rails, ledges and elastic bands.

The wall-mounted Smool Pillow Series is ideal for arranging anything from garments to magazines, sprucing up your front foyer or your office.


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