The Umbra Time Teller Clock

Clocks were never as advanced today as they were in the earlier years, maybe even most of us were around. But for the curious minds, here is a clock that should come close to taking you back to the timepieces of yesteryears called the Umbra Time Teller.

The Umbra Time Teller takes the concept of the sundial, relying on the traditional clock hands to tell time. It features some shadowed lines to show the hour and the minutes, common but on a different way of telling the time.

The Umbra Time Teller was designed by Roshan Hakkim, something that relies on two strips of LED and not actual sunlight. The needle casts two shadows on the surface of the clock depending on the position of both lights. These two shadows represent either the hour or the minute, giving the clock an overall clean and simple look.


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