CDGI Green Royal Home Theatre Lux Recliners

So you have the proper setup for your own home theatre. You have the large screen LCD or Plasma Television and the great sounding home theatre speakers. What is there left? Well for one, have you ever considered where you would be sitting?

Sure there will always be the couch or the standard bed, depending on where you setup your home theatre. But what If you had a suitable recliner made from green descent like the typical Lazy-boy you always envied?

It was inevitable that we’d soon see green home theater furniture. Start with new line of totally green Royal home theater recliners from CDGi (Cinema Design Group International). According to Carey Schafer, vice president of engineering, the wood used in the framing is Baltic birch, there are no formaldehydes, the foam in the cushions contains no CFCs, and leather contains no chromium, which is often used in tanneries.

(Source) Electronic House

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