Mobile Fireplaces hitting Modern Homes Soon

We are all familiar with the traditional fireplace setup in homes, made up of the usual brick and fieldstone that go in hand with the original home design. But today, a new trendy and innovative fireplace that functions through denatured ethanol which would no longer need vents or chimneys. Further, they will be mobile, making them properly situated in any place and also a good addition to homes that did not have initial provisions for them initially.

Fireplaces burning denatured ethanol are becoming much more than just an insignificant invention. And this is why it will soon be making its appearance on the North American market. This is a truly revolutionary concept, for these fireplaces without need of vents or chimneys can be moved around a house or an apartment without any installation. Eco-friendly fireplaces heat the interior slowly without using the normal fuels such as wood, propane or electricity.

As well as being green, these fireplaces have an outstanding appearance which could revolutionize consumer behaviour. With creative use of different materials, the mantelpieces of these bio-appliances are available in beautiful designs, colours and textures.

(Source) Tumbler Ridge News

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