Orb Audio Mod2 Speakers for Home Theatre Solutions

In most homes, home theatre setups are becoming common. Most of the problems that people have to deal with is what speakers or home theatre contraptions to place and how to properly place them to provide that proper surround sound that the family and friends can enjoy and watch once they get together.

For the home owners planning to setup their home theatres, you may want to check out this baseball-like speakers Mod2 system that includes an 8-in. Super Eight 200-watt subwoofer, which delivers amazingly powerful bass and can be adjusted to capture high and low ranges while searching for optimal sound.

They are being sold for $299 and are probably all that you need if you want quality sound and lesser bulky home theatre setups which are now slowly becoming passé.

An array of 10 baseball-like speakers, joined in five pairs, will make your rec room sound like a movie theater

(Source) BusinessWeek

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