Planika Fire Box Fireplace

The presence of a fireplace will always do wonders but the question of location is up in the air. Normally, it is stagnant somewhere in the living or welcoming room of your home. And with some technological tweaks, you may be surprised to find at the concept of this modern fireplace design from Planika.

The Fire Box by Planika Fires is ideal for arranging around swimming pools, home interiors as well as places like lounges, bars and restaurants. Compact and refined, the Fire Box fireplace allows for quick and easy preparation of the insert space. The area surrounding the insert has to be made of fireproof materials, such as brick, marble or building board. This luxurious fireplace is as good-looking as it is practical.

The easy to use fireplace allows you to adjust flame size and combine many inserts horizontally. The Planika Fire Box, with its neat looks, is sure to complement the existing decor of any place.

(Source) Planika Fires

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