Breathe Easy, Live Easy with Eco-friendly Interiors

Most homes are going eco-friendly and while home owners have their own ideas as far as using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and design ideas, turning to the interior designers who specialize in eco-friendly interior designing can be a better option considering that they can give you the total package for greener homes and healthier living.

Remember that most interior design ideas and elements carry a certain carbon footprint with them. If you are not careful, you may be living dangerously. But green interior designers like Martha and Amanda Slone who run Breathe Easy D├ęcor, will make sure you live the right and healthy way.

The Slones started the company in May after completing the interior-design program at the University of Richmond. They decided they wanted to focus on working with environmentally friendly materials because of their interest in the field and to fill a customer demand.

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