Dome Shaped Homes On the Horizon

The traditional shape of homes would normally not matter to us. With the usual roof, rectangular and upright design structure, a home is a home. Two storey or a bungalow, people just care about living large in a home where they could simply lay back and get the proper homage from the world.

But what if the futuristic designs were laid out before you? Would you even consider it? There are new ways to design home designs and most of them point us back to movies where dome shaped homes may become a common setup we will be seeing soon.

The shape may be different but the fact remains that these dome shaped homes can be a difference for people who want something different. Besides, aren’t these types of curves the things that bring luck to a person? You can ask the Feng Shui experts for advice on that.

Until recently monolithic domes were built for utilitarian purposes, and as such the design choices were limited; however, the structural strength of a reinforced concrete shell allows for some spectacular design concepts. For starters, up to 40% of the dome can be glass (or other materials) without compromising its integrity. Imagine living in a post-modern snow globe! The diversity of the design is actually afforded these structures by the inherent strength of the dome shape.

(Source) H Magazine

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