Dumpster transformed into a Home

We have read about stories of how people use their creativity to turn garbage into gold but as far as Gregory Kloehn is concerned, here is new kind of home that he made from what was originally a dumpster. There have been many instances where we would see containers turned into living spaces but give credit to Kloehn for turning an old dumpster into something techie.

Paired with the installation of some essentials like a toilet, a wall-mounted toaster and a cool kitchen countertop, this once forgotten dumpster has been transformed into one of the more innovative living spaces that could give modern homes a run for their money.

During the day the roof raises up to reveal two rectangular windows and at night it can be cranked down to hide the windows and return the dumpster to its natural state of being. The dumpster has all the luxuries a person would ever want in their home, including a flat screen TV where you can watch your favourite films on DVD. This and more are what Kloehn has in mind, a neat idea to enhance fabricated living spaces.


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