Never Over-Decorate Your Home

We all want to have perfectly designed homes but there is such a thing as overdoing it. Too much color combination or even too much furniture enhancers can really wreck home designs if you think of it.

There are things to avoid and the art of being able to depict when you are overdoing it is really hard to do. For one, one’s taste is different from that of another. In fact, you may be surprised that a simple décor in your home may eventually gain a lot of praises.

You have your furniture around and some ambiance-setting ornaments and fixtures. Weigh it out and sometimes listen to simplicity calling.

Anyhow, here are some things you may want to avoid when decorating your home courtesy of Richmond Chic:

  • Toliet rugs- They should all be replaced with a pretty area rug or gorgeous textured rug that feels great to walk on barefooted. Never skimp on the details.
  • Fear of color- Being bold and choosing one is better than a house full of white and beige that feels as if you have walked into a hospital ward.
  • Outdated accessories- We all get attached to stuff. That doesn’t mean it has to stay around FOREVER.
  • Tacky couch covers- There has yet been created a readymade slipcover that looks good. Custom slipcovers and reupholstered furniture is the only way to change the look of an existing piece.
  • Pushed back furniture-Every piece of furniture in the room has been pushed to the back wall and everyone has to shout to have a conversation. This is the way most of us arrange our furniture.
  • Fake flowers-Not all of us can keep a plant alive. Fresh flowers, an indestructible house plant or beautiful, silk, tropical tree goes a long way in making your home inviting.
  • Improper lighting-I hate to use my over head light. The only time it comes on is when my husband has started to hyper-ventilate because he can’t find the remote.
  • Everything matches-Most of us would not be caught in public with a matchy-matchy outfit.
  • Following fads-What is hot today may go down in flames tomorrow. Don’t build a room around one fad. Live with a style you love and let the fads come in, as a little bling.
  • Keeping something you hate-For me, this would be my husband’s BIG SCREEN TV. Of course, this would probably cause a divorce or at the very least a whole heap of trouble.
  • (Source) Richmond Chic

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