Paint Home Interiors over Renovation

Saving on renovations can be a dead spot for most home owners but what is one to do to battle the credit crunch bug that has everyone trembling in fear? What if your walls are really burrowing in dilapidation or perhaps wallpapers or kitchen counters are losing their usual luster? With money as a problem you really have little choices.

One good alternative is consider a paint job. A lot of people are doing it to rekindle old home sparks that have been diminishing over time. When you repaint, it takes time and a lot of preparation. But considering the fact that you have nothing more to do to save for a costly renovation, why complain?

“Painting is becoming the great alternative to buying a new house or doing major renovations,” says Carl Minchew, painting guru at Benjamin Moore. “It’s the economical, efficient way to get a new look.”

(Source) Sentinel Source

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