The Modern Multi-Purpose Kitchen Table

The kitchen will always bring you to think as the place to get and cook food. It normally has the stove, oven and the refrigerator and once you get hungry, a snack or two is just a reach away.

But modern times have changed and some homes have integrated a kitchen with the standard dining table. Perhaps you may see these styles, normally in Japanese restaurants, where you can see your food being cooked in front of you and dine afterwards. Guess what? There is a kitchen table that has a similar rendition and equipped with some interactive features as well.

The Green Cuisine kitchen was recently displayed at the Phillips Simplicity Event in Moscow. At the heart of this conceptual kitchen is the Interactive Kitchen Table. Designed as the centerpiece, the table serves as both a cook top and dining table, allowing for an interactive social environment that is also unobtrusively eco-aware. It integrates such features as a Bokashi Composter that produces soil tablets for use in the tabletop garden and a Smart Tap, which instantly provides water at the desired temperature without having to let the faucet run.

(Source) Cnet

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