Neumann Bed

Romantic bedrooms never go out of fashion. It is a warm and welcoming style that makes easy work of unwinding after a long day. Contentment and comfort are the key elements of a romantic bedroom. An Organic Mattress will make the bed comfortable, but scrolled headboards, soft bedding and soothing colors make the room comfortable. A romantic bedroom needs only a few subtle touches to create that dreamy feeling. It does not need to be over-the-top or overtly feminine; it can be just as cozy for either gender if the style is done well.

Making a romantic room begins with the bedroom furniture. Furnishings in this style are typically more traditional, leaning towards warm woods, graceful curves and old-fashioned materials like wrought iron. Iron beds make a perfect addition to a romantic room. A bed inspired by English antiques, like the Neumann Bed from Hillsdale Furniture, can be the focal point of a bedroom. A flourish of curves adorns the center of this bed’s head and footboards and oval finials cap the four posts. A copper brushed finish gives it a warm glow that looks soft and warm with nearly any choice of comforter and linens.

Pair a scrollwork bed like this with tailored bed linens to balance the look and keep it from seeming too girlish. If a scrolled iron and metal bed doesn’t suit your personal taste, Hillsdale Furniture makes a number of other models that would work equally well in a romantic bedroom. Whether you choose an old-fashioned or a modern look, keep the bedding plush and the colors soft to make the mood romantic and the room a pleasurable place to sleep.

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