New Sleep Number Smart Bed


Smartphones? Well why not Smarbeds? Sleep Number offers this bed called the X12, something filled with sensors aimed at monitoring an individual’s sleep habits.

The sensors integrated with the X12 can thus monitor movements, heart and breathing rates, pertinent factors which help sleep experts and physicians when it comes to properly evaluating and understanding sleep issues which some folks may be suffering from.

That includes snoring as well, a high risk problem that may pose a life or death problem if not addressed properly.

Called the Partner Snore feature, this helps adjust the other half of the mattress by five degrees to reposition them and help alleviate their snoring. Moreover, it also responds to simple voice commands, has a built-in function that lets you record messages, and under-bed lighting that helps people navigate in the middle of the night.

But with such a technology, such will not come cheap. The X12 Smart Bed costs a cool $8,000.


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