Klymit Air Beam Vapor Current Frame

The  inflatable Air Beam from  Klymit has been designed keeping in mind the backpacker. Called the Klymit Air Beam Vapor Current (V.C.) pack frame,  it is essentially a  backpack frame sheet inflated with pressurized air that uses lightweight fabric to create a strong structure without breaking the back of the backpacker. The Klymit Air Beam is  lighter due to the use of pressurized air, stiffer, more comfortable and makes for optimal load transfer.
Gabriel Rhoads and Matt Maxfield, co-developers of the Air Beam concept, say that optimal load transfer is one of the biggest advantages of the Klymit Air Beam.
“Backpack frames are rigid and designed to transfer loads directly to the hips, yet because they are rigid they only transfer directly when the body is in one, or a limited number of positions,” says Rhoads. “By using super light fabrics and pressurized air, Klymit has developed a backpack frame sheet that transfers load to the hips in wider variety of positions, even while tying your shoes.”

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