Samsonite Suitcase Pet Bed

Samsonite Suitcase Pet Bed

Surely there are a lot of you out there who have some old suitcases lying around in your home which are no longer used. But rather than gain dust, check out this cool creation from someone over at Etsy, turning an old Samsonite Suitcase into a functional and handy pet bed for cats and dogs alike.

Miles and Aimee Harrison are the people behind the Atomic Attic over at Etsy and the said pet bed is among the many items they are offering over there.

The pet bed gives old Samsonite luggages a new lease on life, adding an interesting support beneath it which seems like the rolling wheels one would find from traditional swivel chairs. Paired with some painting and enhancements, this is one pet bed that should be neat to consider especially for the folks who pamper their pets a lot.


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