Speaker-packed Bed

Speaker-packed Bed

We are in the age where most of the things we have and use would probably have something integrated in them, with reference of course to those wires and advanced stuff. But then again, seeing a bed with a headboard with lots of speakers may not necessarily inspire sensual sleeping spells, unless of course you are talking about the soothing melodies that would somehow lull you to sleep.

But the thing about this speaker-packed bed is that it does lack in the advanced features category which would eventually lead to a lot of tangled wires when you hook up your music players onto it.

For people who wouldn’t mind though, this is one bed that should be neat as far as offering additional sleeping enhancers. The good things about it is that it does come with volume controls located at the side of the sideboard so maybe you can just leave your media players somewhere next to it like let us say a bedside table.

The larger version of this bed reportedly runs for about $560 while the single version costs about $500 a pop.


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