The Tranquility Pod

Tranquility Pod

Pods are futuristic and sleeping abodes which many will surely find appealing. However the real twist are the enhancements and features that they have to offer, something which Hammacher Schlemmer has apparently dandily come up with.

The Tranquility Pod comes with enhancers such as sounds, vibrations and soothing light to help you relax your body and mind.

The whole pod is crafted from fibreglass which practically fends off noise through its ellipsoid shape as it block off almost 90% of outside noise.

It comes with a four speaker sound system where you can connect your iPhone or iPod while the subwoofers account for the gentle vibration that the Tranquil Pod aims to render.

Soothing light is done through the LEDs, changing colors as the user wishes through a built-in controller.

Inside the pod’s elliptical opening is an ultra-suede-topped, memory foam cushion that covers an octagonal waterbed with two lofty ultra-suede pillows.

But now the bad news. With all those features, the Tranquility Pod runs for a crazy $30,000. Would you have that amount of cash lying around?

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