DIY: Pac Man Pouf


Before the Wii and the PS3, there was Pac Man and those from my generation will vouch how addictive it was. Hence I love the Pacman pouf which can be made at home by following the directions here.

Material list:
– 15 mm MDF, depending on the size, you will need at least the C-shape to be created from one piece.
– 9 mm multiplex (plywood)
– 32mm*40mm timber (count number needed * height for total length needed)
– larger ones (for example 40mm*40mm) for the corners and block
– upholstery. I used sky to get that leather-look, but it is not so flexible. Mine had already some sliding-stuff on the inside, so it can slide over the foam. If you get other stuff, inform if you need additional stuff.
– cardboard strips. I had special ones, but you can cut some yourself
– staples…. lots!

Equipment needed
– workmate / bench
– Jigsaw
– drill
– drill-bits
– countersink
– screws (about 30mm in length, 3,2*30mm would be ok)
– wood glue (read instructions!)
– needle (curved one special for this type of work) and thread (special sturdy one!)
– sewing machine [if available] (I don’t know if a regular sewing machine is able to get through the upholstery)
– foam and other filling
– a stapler! (I had a pneumatic one, but an electrical or whatever is a must… I don’t thing the manual ones will be able to enter the MDF deep enough).
– knive
– markers

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