DIY: Harry Potter Wand


It’s hard not to be bitten by the Harry Potter bug now that the latest installment of the movie is here. So we thought you can show your affinity to your favourite wizard by building your own  Harry Potter wand.

Step 1 Get a cheap UV marker and key ring LED set
you can get these off the web, or from Amazon. I have searched for them and there are some links on the Magical Wands page of dadcando for the cheapest I could find, but most big office stationers or art shops should stock them.

Step 2 take apart LED keyring
take the LED key ring light apart. take care to see which of the LEDs legs is touching the positive battery terminal, in this case it was the short one. If the leg is bent like this one is, it might need straightening out to fit inside a drinking straw (you’ll see why on a few steps).

The batteries which come with most keyring lights are these CR2016 (that’s 20mm diameter and 1.6mm thickness BTW). I felt that the diameter of 20mm was too much for a wand handle so I looked around for a narrower 6-volt battery. The best I found was the 6V camera battery 4LR44. As all our joins to the battery are going to be by taping the wires on the less batteries we have to join together the better, so a single battery for the whole 6v is what you want.

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