Diy: Metal USB – Flash drive case mod

Make a cool Flash drive case mod and never lose your pen drive or your mind ever! You would need:

Flash Drive I used a PNY attache (256 – yeah, it that old (2yrs))
A metal case I used a heatsink form a dimmer, but anything should work (golo e115041 sc237)
Keychain Flashdrive -keys= external hard drive I’d recommend something, but it’s not critical
Nails I used a strip of brads for an air nailer, but anything will work
Glue Super glue (loctite gel) and plastic cement (testors -for models)

Drill For attaching keychain and a hole for the light (I was lucky and didn’t need a hole for the light)
File Sharp corners, etc
Hacksaw blade you can use a file instead
Leaterman Do I even need a reason?! /Just cuz
A Brain Don’t cut yourself, ruin your computer, etc IF YOU DO IT”S NOT MY FAULT

Check out Instructables for the rest of the post.

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