Home Safety: Invest in Fire Extinguishers

Today we hear a lot of fire mishaps that occur in the home. While some are fortunate if the firemen are able to come early and extinguish the flames, you cannot help but wonder what if they would be late. In case of a fire, what would you do? Water is available but that is no guarantee that you can completely put a fire in control.

Fire extinguishers are normally familiar in offices and commercial areas. But to some condominiums, they are a necessity for tenants. Many would say it is a form of exaggeration, being a requirement to which most condo owners can do without but the fact is that it is for the safety of the tenant overall.

Fires in secluded places are hard to be reached by firemen. With high rise condos, accessibility is put into question. But while that is the case for condos, the location of some homes may suffer the same issues as well.

So rather than risk seeing your house burned down, invest in a fire extinguisher. You may not value it now but at least you are prepared. Place it primarily in the kitchen area or perhaps the hallway for immediate access. That way, you can help fight fires by being ready for it at any time.

(Source) SIlive

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