Recycled / Up-Cycled iMac Pet Bed

Are you an unabashed Apple fan and cannot think of going back to any OS from Mac? Well, then maybe you can spread your passion to the Animal Kingdom as well by getting the Recycled / Up-Cycled iMac Pet Bed circa 1998 for your pampered pet. ¬†Available in a cool shade of navy blue, the pet bed s made from a 1998 Apple iMac computer and features a 14x14in 100% machine washable and non-allergenic pillow covered in a fleece. The iMac wont give your pet any infections as it has been cleaned with Pop’s Pet Organics All-Purpose cleaner; A vegan, cruelty free, American-made product. The pet bed can be purchased from Etsy for $89.99 and for more information head over here.

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