Sunset Sleigh Headboard

They used to say that a man’s den was his room in the house. It was a room where you would find mostly dark furnishings, and generally a great deal of leather. Deep browns could be found in the desks and in the chairs, and you would often find tons of dark paneling in various forms around the room. While they often smelled of cigars and liquor, these rooms were actually very inviting and very lovely. But that is always true of darker wood, especially darker Contemporary Wood Headboards.

When you add a dark wood headboard to a bedroom, you’ll find that it makes the room much warmer. Many people make the mistake of believing that you need to add bright colors such as orange or red to warm up a room, but deep browns can do exactly the same thing in a much more inviting way. The Sunset Sleigh Headboard has a deep, dark finish, no matter if you select Cordovan or Cherry wood finishes, and gives homeowners the sleigh style that so many of us love, with a few little modern touches that make it just a tad bit different than every other sleigh bed you’ve ever seen.

Created by the designers at Vaughan-Basset, this sleigh bed would work wonders to warm up any bedroom, instantly making it more inviting. Or make a real statement by selecting one of the bedroom sets from the Oak River Collection that will match beautifully with this amazing warm wood headboard.

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