Storable Folditure Chairs

Storable Folditure Chairs

Foldable chairs are common, especially at times when you want to have additional seating options for your guests and of course saving up some everyday space. These Folditure Chairs seem a lot like that, only that they do have some certain improvements.

There are actually two chairs, the Leaf and the Tilt. The Leaf already made its debut, a folding chair that doubles as a piece of modern art. The Tilt on the other hand is a chair that goes the “opposite” direction.

The Tilt Chair tries to improve the area of storage, that of which is properly storing them without the usual problems as far as folding them as simple as possible. Unlike some foldable chairs, the Tilt Chair folds perfectly flat, allowing users to stack them easily on top of each other. There’s even a part carved out on the top of the chair that will allow you to hang them up on a closet bar.


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