Custom Kid’s Furniture! – [Best of Kids Las Vegas Market]

I was walking around today and found some real kid’s furniture gem, these custom kid’s furniture by Maruricio’s Furniture in Los Angeles, California are really eye catching.

Out of the whole show, this one was the most unique furniture we have seen.

For those of you with growing, young toddlers and want to really make your girl or boy have some nice furniture, Mauricio certainly seems to have one of the best choices in the world for that.

Besides these “gems” for your kids, they even specialize in “customizing” to your liking.

The prices seem pretty decent also, around $650 for a custom-made bed for kids. $180 for custom made beds for kids mattress included! Of course, this isn’t for the budget-minded parents but for those who are more worried about their home interior, Mauricio’s Furniture has something that no one else does.

We give Mauricio’s Furniture “Best Kids of Las Vegas Market 2010” Award.

If you live in southern California close to LA, you can visit Mauricio’s Furniture at:

7609 Maie Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90001

Phone (323)385-5076  or (323)972-8567

Tell them you saw it on!

Check out some of their featured custom kid’s furniture I saw at the Las Vegas Market today:

(I really, really like this pink bed, would be great for any one’s little daughter, don’t ya think?)

(This is a “shoe/high heel” sofa, I bet your daughter will love this!)

(Sorta like the Disney Trikes McQueen bed but more stylish.)

(Heart sofa?)

(This one must be made of 2 high heels, or is it a tooth?  Hmmm….)

(I like this sofa, would actually be good for my office.)

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