The P.-D.G Desk from Maurice Calka


Modern desks and tables are manufactured here and there and Maurice Calka has this new space age design for you to consider. Designed by the French sculptor and designer in 1969 for Leleu-Deshays LDD, the desk is made of fiberglass and includes an integral adjustable upholstered swivel chair.

The iconic chair is now up for grabs at Sotheby’s Fine 20th Century Design sale. They say that only four or five P.-D.G desks were made and the one listed at the auction site is a previously unknown example. Targeted at senior management (P.-D.G stand for Président Directeur Générale), the desk was also available with optional integral circuitry for telephone, intercom and television monitor.

It’s the rarity of the chair that makes it the highlight of Sotheby’s Fine 20th Century Design sale. The P.-D.G desk is estimated to sell for between £60,000 and £90,000 (nearly $87,000 and $131,000).

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(Source) SwitchedonArt via Bornrich

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