Floyd Leg Clamps for Table Setups

Floyd Leg Clamps

When it comes to tables, one of the key components would have to be the legs. And with the Floyd Legs, no further specialization or carpentry may be needed since they are easily configurable and would only need a slab of wood to produce and instant table.

Coming in either 16-inch or 29-inch heights, these Floyd Leg clamps can easily churn out a standard table for use. They are made for light-medium use although questions surrounding its stability come into mind.

Regardless, it would be best to perhaps plot them on a stable and sturdy surface. For what it is worth, the Floyd Legs are up over at Kickstarter where the team is aiming to complete a $100,000 goal.

From the flexibility of this table, it could be an answer for folks who are pretty much concerned about the space that they use.

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