Interactive Light Objects

Shedding light on specific areas in homes are needed by most but there would be some people who would want easier interaction that should require lesser effort. With these Interactive Light Objects from Viktor Alexander Kolbig, not only do these lamps or light objects provide light but also offer some unique interfaces that should be dandy for anyone’s use.

The variety of lamps include the Seide, Air Light and Water Light. The Seide lamp is activated using touch interface through a soft and smooth textile interface. The Air Light allows users to turn it on without touching it all where the hand simply needs to be placed inside the ring. An additional feature includes the changing of colors if the user turns their hand.

The Water Light is a lamp that stores water which acts as the main interface for adjusting the brightness and colors it would render. The amount of water added or taken away adjusts the amount of light, and stirring the water with your finger changes the color of the light- just like mixing water colors.


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