Lush Park Benches

Lush Park Benches

Ideally, park benches would normally be made of wood or steel, far from the usual comfort that folks would want when they want to sit down and pamper themselves silly. But Dutche designer Joost Goudriaan enhances the traditional benches we see everyday with the addition of upholstery – something you can spot over at Chesterfield Park.

The hand-finished loungers come complete with rivets to hold its finely added leather upholstery, making the said bench a whole lot classier and comfortable to rest on despite being situated in a public setting.

And for the folks over at Chestefield Park, the privilege of sitting and/or resting on it while in public is certainly something soothing, especially if they want to sit down and relax or yearn for a much needed timeout from all the walking they traditionally make daily.


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